Squeegee-Off Liquid Window Cleaning Soap

Start with the professional easy-glide formula.  It dissolves tough dirt, grime and grease.  It also provides streak free results, is biodegradable, and ammonia free.


The Professionals Choice!  Complete with replaceable streak free rubber blade.  This squeegee will make quick work of a large pane window or sliding glass door.

Brass BackFlip – Four Tools in One!

The perfect balance of speed and performance.  With the touch of a button you can use individually or in time-saving combinations.  Simply scrub with one side, flip and squeegee off the other.

Rea-c-h Extension Poles

The click-lock feature on every tool assures safe and quick “change out”.  It is 20% stronger than the competition at all extended lengths.

Filmop Mop Head Holder

A brilliant system for the cleaning of smooth surfaces like interior windows, mirrors, and stainless steel surfaces.  Sharpened borders make the removal of dirt from the surfaces easier.  It is light and handy with an ergonomic hand grip.