ProVac Canister Vac


  • The new design of the PPR series has lead to significant advances in energy consumption as well as overall vacuum performance.
  • They consume 40% less energy while improving performance by 20%. This is all thanks to the new 680 watt vacuum motor with a 2000+ hour life.
  • The noise level on the PPR series has also changed to 45/47 dB(A) which makes these units excellent for daytime cleaning.


Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum

RBV 130 (Cordless)


  • As daytime cleaning becomes even more prevalent the RBV 130 will certainly play a key role for our clients
  • A 1.5 gallon tank provides the capacity required to do the job
  • The 250 watt vacuum motor with run time of 45 minutes ensures there is plenty of power and operational capacity.